we've planted over 1000 trees!

We spent some time reflecting on our environmental impact, scouring the internet looking for the best ethical project to partner with.
There are lots of amazing brands and projects to support but as we’re a paper based company we wanted to support forest restoration projects.
Over 2020 & 2021 we partnered with Ecologi and planted 1 tree for every Post-a-Puzzle purchased. You find out more about our 1060 tree planting donationshere. 
We designed Post-a-Puzzle with consideration for our environment. Completely free from any plastic lamination, making the entire thing fit for your recycling bins.
But this wasn’t enough…

1% FOR

To keep things simple and to bring it closer to home, we’re switching over to donating 1% of gross sales to The National Forest.

This is one of the UK’s boldest environmental projects, transforming 200 square miles in the centre of the Midlands.
This largescale landscape change has already delivered regeneration; it will increasingly help us to address climate change and to value and enjoy our natural environment.
We’re committed to being mindful of our choices and giving back more than we take! 

Our Happy Recipients