The Post-A-Puzzle


Post-a-Puzzle is a wonderful way of keeping in touch. It can be used as a greeting card and gift in itself or even better, an exciting way to present a gift!

Select your card design and we’ll send it with the puzzle pack.

Then add a message that you wish to send and upload an image or a video, too!

Once you checkout we’ll get it all in the post . It’s sent 1st class with free delivery and usually arrives next working day.

The envelope contains a welcome letter explaining that someone they know has a message for them, but they’ll first have to solve each of the puzzles contained inside the pack to reveal the sender and your message! 

Post-a-Puzzle is made with love from Escape Rooms Cardiff and would make an excellent way of presenting some vouchers to a puzzle lover! Why not add some gift vouchers to an Escape Room in your nearest city?

You can can also add biodegradable rainbow confetti to your card or a High Street Love2Shop gift voucher.

.jpg, .png, .gif only
.mp4, .mov, .wmv only
Heart +
Balloons +
Feline +
Canine +
Use this if you want to send it to someone but want them to open it on a specific date. EG a birthday. If not, LEAVE BLANK
Add a Handful of Fun Confetti to Your Card! +
Add a Handful of Romantic Confetti to Your Card! +
Add a Handful of Gold Confetti to Your Card! +
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4 reviews for The Post-A-Puzzle

  1. Rachelle

    The whole family really enjoyed post-a-puzzle during lockdown. It can be a 1 person activity but we decided to do the puzzle cards together and it was a really fun hour spent. Definitely got the brains working! The envelope easy fits like any letter through your letterbox and the paper kit is well made and good quality. I will definitely be buying a few to send out for birthdays now ?

  2. Emma Davies

    Ah! We loved every thing about this! Receiving this Post a Puzzle was absolutely fantastic!

  3. Lisa Welsh (verified owner)

    I have finally completed my Post-A Puzzle and have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. The fun and brain ache of solving the puzzles was so worthwhile with the message and video at the end :). A huge thumbs up

  4. Liliana (verified owner)

    I was so surprised when I received the whole pack from two great friends of mine, it was so great! As I was solving each step, I was getting more and more amazed! Great way to entertain, specially for escape room lovers, like me, that currently are not able to solve puzzles on real escape rooms! Please keep on developing other puzzles! Good job!

    Liliana, Portugal

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