From £6.49pp


Post-a-Puzzle can be used as a fun and unique way to reach out to your staff and let them know they are appreciated. 

With most of us now working from home sometimes the highlight of our day is when something exciting lands on our doorstep.

Just send a message to say thank you for the hard work. Or if you’re going bigger by adding a gift reveal or a voucher to the message.

As standard, we would send out everyone’s Post-a-Puzzle directly to them and they would either solve the puzzles to reveal the message in their own time or all at once, live at a meeting.

Post-a-Puzzle can be used at your next work event

If you’ve always wanted to hold a fun mini event, we got you.

We would send everyone an individual Post-a-Puzzle and each team of 2-4  same message to reveal. The first person to email you the hidden message, wins! 

Or, if you want to take it further, the message could be the next step to the competition or even an office treasure hunt!

All players can have access to our standard hints reveal system which gives stepped hints before revealing the answer|. If there is a large prize up for grabs or if you’re very competitive, to avoid cheating we can give hints to puzzles live to the team email address and can keep track & count for you to compare finishing times.

For you, the best thing about this is simply send us the postal addresses, upload a message and we’ll do the rest!


Pricing starts at £6.49 pp but does depend on the numbers of players/teams and if you need the live responsive hint system.


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