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Can you explain the process?

Post-a-Puzzle is a wonderful way of keeping in touch, can be used a extra fun greeting card and gift in itself or an exciting way to present a gift! Tickets to a show, a hidden gift or a silly way to announce big news! All Post-a-Puzzle Packs come with a complimentary gift card! Select your card design and we’ll send it with the puzzle pack.

You then add a message that you wish to send that the recipient will see after all the puzzles have been solved. Upload an image or a video too! 

Once you checkout we’ll get it all in the post directly to the recipient.

The envelope contains a telegram welcome letter explaining that someone they know has a message for them, but they’ll first have to solve each of the puzzles contained inside the pack to reveal the sender (you) and it’s message! 

Made with love from Escape Rooms Cardiff, why not add some gift vouchers to an Escape Room in your nearest city? Or simply use it to keep in touch with your nearest and dearest with a thoughtful and fun card.


Anything you like! We accept anything apart from threatening messages or photos of nudity.

Only if you add your name to the message!

Yes, as long as you’re quick! Email us at [email protected]

in the post

Yes you can if you wish be sure to give the whole unopened envelope as they will need it.

You could open it to personalise the card (if you’re not sending it annonomously) but the outer envelope looks really nice and opening it will ruin it. 

You can always put the greeting card, telegram and puzzle pack in another envelope of your choice. 

Important!  Be sure to write the ‘Pack No.’ that’s on the address label on to the new envelope because the recipient will need  to enter with the password to reveal your message!

Only if you send it to yourself first (see the above point). 

The greeting card tells them to “Hurry up and open the letter to solve the puzzles and reveal the sender!”. If you choose to send it to yourself first, you can always personalise the greeting card at that stage.

Important! Be sure to write the ‘Pack No.’ that’s on the address label on to the new envelope because the recipient will need to enter with the password to reveal your message!

The puzzles don’t change but there are plans to expand our range of puzzle packs in the future!

It’s no easy ride! The puzzles are challenging and are a mix of easy to quite difficult.

Some puzzles are ‘classic’ and some will require some lateral thinking. The pack is designed by Escape Rooms Cardiff after all! 

There’s always the help section to give hints along the way if needed.

All Post-a-Puzzles with a UK destination come with free delivery and arrive in 2-3 working days.

Delivery in 1-2 working days is available at check out.

Working days are Monday-Friday and exclude Bank Holidays. Please note that there is a 2pm post cut of and we do not offer a trackable service.

We post worldwide! If you’re sending it to somewhere in Europe it’ll take 3-5 days to arrive and up to 10 days to a destination outside of Europe

Roughly 60 minutes, give or take, depending on how many hints you get or friends you get to help you!

Some puzzles are quite tricky so we would say around 13+ but it all depends on the person really!

There is nothing inappropriate on any of the cards or puzzles.

Yes! Where possible, Post-a-Puzzle has been made of recycled paper and even the sticker is paper (and not vinyl) for the sole purpose so that the whole thing can go into your paper recycling container at home!

refunds and returns

We are unable to cancel the order once the sale has shipped. Do email us at [email protected] and we will endeavour to stop the order before shipping. You can then request a refund.

If you return the envelope unopened within 14 days of purchase you may receive a full refund.